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Elegant. Simple. Powerful. Websites solutions you can manage!

Phenom Design Studio (PDS) specializes in design, development and deployment of manageable websites based in Toronto, Canada. PDS has been launching website creations for over 8 years allowing clients to take control of the updating of their sites content using content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. With a PDS, you receive and attractive, clean and professional web presence and will be trained how to manage and update your site using the underlying content management system (CMS).

Some content management systems can be quite complicated. And even some of the simplest content management systems can become complicated if not setup and configured correctly. Our goal in every project is to ensure that from the perspective of the client, the simplest approach to a solution is taken. Updating your website should not be a chore!

PDS has built up a portfolio of custom designed and programmed websites using Joomla. And more recently, we have been working extensively with WordPress to build and deploy affordable website solutions for our clients. Our projects have included work with large multi-million dollar corporations to small businesses, and individuals as well as non-profit organizations and include a range of industries from broadcast media and IT services to construction and the music industry.

At Phenom Design Studio, we enjoy keeping things simple. We can build for you a website that is not only clean and aesthetically pleasing but also easy for you to manage.

Contact us today to see how best we can work together to meet your goals.

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